Ericka Allison


I have been in the alternative healing world for over 35 years.

I migrated away from the field of psychology towards more spiritual approaches to healing.   My interest has always been to work with cause rather than effect and this has opened many interesting doors leading me to study at communities such as Findhorn in Scotland, Emissaries of Divine Light in Colorado and Esalen in California USA.

The world of breath-work beckoned me many years ago and I am a qualified rebirther breathworker having studied with Leonard Orr and other rebirthing teachers both in USA, England and South Africa.

During two years on Maui Island in Hawaii I attended workshops in Holotropic Breathwork and today I have created my own style of teaching and facilitating Breathwork both with individuals and with groups.

I recognise that Relationships is a vital area of dyfunction in our society and that most of the pain that clients bring to Breathwork Sessions originates from childhood wounds gathered through living in dysfunctional families. Relationships are the medium within which we grow and my passion is to make this medium as healthy as possible, thereby dissolving so much of the pain that clients bring to therapy.

I have been both a scholar and a teacher in many countries, including Israel, UK, USA, Australia, and have had the priviledge of working with great mentors such as Louise Hay, Torkem Saraydarian, Dr. Brugh Joy, Rupert Sheldrake, Drs Hal and Sidra Stone, Werner Erhardt, Leonard Orr , Anthony Robbins, Yehuda Tagar, Judy Crane, Benjamin Zander.

I am an active member of the Cape Town Philharmonic Choir and also a member of Toastmasters, having completed and received my Competent Communicator Award.

At the age of 44 I gave birth to my son Jethro at home in my bath, underwater, and since then I have supported pregnant women in natural and water birthing.

The job of “midwife” aptly describes how I view my career at present – not just in the context of actual child birth but also in the context of facilitating a new birth in the consciousness of each individual with whom I work.

I passionately advocate a sustainable world that works for everyone and am dedicated to making a difference by teaching therapies which promote conscious awareness grounded in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aliveness.