What is breath work?

Using the breath to release tension in the body is not a new concept.

We hold our breath when we are afraid, anxious, sad, tense or in pain, and that holding traps the negative feelings in our bodies. These trapped tensions can lead to anxiety, trauma, and even disease, both physical and emotional.

In a typical breathwork session you will lie down on a mattress on the floor, cover yourself with a duvet and begin to breathe deeply to the music.  This can be done individually or in group sessions.

Using regulated deep breaths, each connected to the other, while lying down listening to the music especially selected for the process, you are able to go beyond the masks that you hold in place for your survival, beyond your personality into that quiet, profound space inside your heart where you can find truth and light and peace.

Breathing gently in and out allows for the breath to begin to push at the deep seated trauma that is buried in your bodies.   Remember, everything we have experienced in our lives, from being in the womb to now, is encoded in our bodies, and the trauma stays dormant but skulking – waiting to be triggered to erupt – often destructively.

In a breathwork process you can allow the breath to access this trauma and you can breathe it out in a safe and controlled space.  You can laugh or scream or cry or shake it out and have the physical experience of letting go of the stuff that blocks your aliveness on the out breath.   Into that vacuum you can then breathe in a new idea, a wish, a positive feeling that can fill you and nurture you and heal you.